Belleville Management

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Project description

Company offering wealth management services to clients.

The company is dealing with real estate, private jets, yachts and other valuables. Belleville translated from french means beautiful city.
Th elogo should be sobre, simple and strinct, not too colourful.

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  • Please check my design,Thank you. #264
  • hope you like it #261
  • HI, please check in my entry #240 and #241. it is very simple,only with two colours and very unique.i am looking forward to your feedback.
  • Hi this is my concept #238 and #239 (simple sailboat logo) . Any feedback will be apreciated, thanks.
  • I have submitted modern logo style. Please give your feedback for the logo design because it will help my future work. Thanks!

    I try to create a minimalist simple unique logo and not use ordinary icons those are used in many designs. Because then it can use very easily in all medias such as favicon, app etc. Just see lots of famous companies use this. Also minimalist logos are more suitable for companies and complex logo are suitable for products / brands.

    I do not use mockup to show the logo design. Because it is only a trick that get attraction. It can not use in real design.
    I use white background to show the logo design. Because the can see the color combination very clean than black background. #231
  • 1st Concept in 3d! #230
  • 2nd Concept with different coloring and fonts! #229
  • Do you like it ???? #227
  • 5 #217
  • 4 #216
  • 3 #215
  • 2 #212
  • 1 #210
  • Please check it,thanks. #190
  • City And Chart in one design. #189
  • loc
    feedbak me please #178
  • loc
    feedback me please #177
  • loc
    feedvack me please #176
  • In this logo I combine images of buildings in a city with graphics that have increased. #175
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #151