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Project description

We are a personal injury law firm representing people injured as a result of car accidents. Our firm is looking to rebrand and change our logo. We are looking for a logo that speaks for our new slogan; lawyers for the people. Our new business name will be:

Bruno & Associates
Lawyers for the People
San Diego, California

Our current logo is too generic and is simply a “B”. We want to emphasize the lawyers for the people aspect in our logo. 


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  • Bruno and associates #108
  • MY CONCEPT #99
  • Dear Mr, this my draft design for u, simple transformation from ur old logo, maybe u can see a road in the logo and i hope u like, thanks u. #82
  • its a clean, simple, creative logo
    that will easily represent your company..
    if you want any changes please tell me..i will provide you all kind of changes.thanks #72
  • This is my proposal as per your descriptions.
    Hope you like it. If you need any of modifications, just let me know.
    Thank you.
    Yudhy #71
  • Dear sir,
    As your requirement i submit the design. i hope you like this design. if you want any changes please sent me a feedback . i can do the best design for you. thank you. #62
  • please check the logo design #57 ....I'm waiting for your feedback. thankYou #61
  • hi! this is my second proposal logo, same font for my first one, now I used lines with variation of height to represent group of people, the red line is the lawyers. I hope and pray you also like this. thank you and have brighter day! #47
  • hi! this is my one of my two proposal logo for your contest. I used gavel image to connect the law and red color for lawyer to be stand out for the people; and brown for the color representing the skin or people. I hope and pray you like it. thank you and have a blessed day. #46
  • Hope you like the initial BA, simple and easy to recognize. Feel free to hear your feedback. Thank you #34
  • I add a shield behind the "B" logo for the symbol of the lawyer (protecting people). I am ready for your feedback, thank you. #22
  • I hope my design according to your request, thank you #15