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Project description

We are a personal injury law firm representing people injured as a result of car accidents. Our firm is looking to rebrand and change our logo. We are looking for a logo that speaks for our new slogan; lawyers for the people. Our new business name will be:

Bruno & Associates
Lawyers for the People
San Diego, California

We would like to incorporate a fist holding the scales of justice in our logo. Our current logo is too generic and is simply a “B”. We want to emphasize the lawyers for the people aspect in our logo. 

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  • feedback please #98
  • This is another Logo Concept for your Work. I hope you like it too. #96
  • This is my First concept for your business, I hope you like my concept. & it created by your given brief. Thank you. #95
  • Hi there,

    Here is my logo proposal. I carefully followed the instructions in your brief and designed a unique logo of a fist holding the scale of justice. I also incorporated the San Diego County map in the design, since you are located in that region. I used the color blue, because it is associated with the words: competence, dependaple, trustworty, high-quality (service) and strong.

    Please don't hesitate to reach out if you want any revisions. I would be more than happy to help.

    Best regards

    eM #86
  • What about the concept that I gave this?
    Please give a response

  • Hi! This is my proposal poster for your content . I use same lines l hope and pray you like it. Thank you and have a good day! #81
  • I have submitted a design. Please give your feedback for the design because it will help my future work. Thanks! 80
  • I have submitted a design. Please give your feedback for the design because it will help my future work. Thanks!

    I try to create a modern minimalist simple unique design because it can use very easily in all medias such as favicon, app etc. I do not use ordinary icons those are used in many designs, just search - generic, common and overused logo concepts to know more. A minimalist logo is more suitable for companies and a complex logo is suitable for products / brands. Also I do not use mockup to show the design, because it is only a trick that get attraction. It can not use in real design. #80
  • my concept #73
  • Do you like it ?????? #69
  • dear Mr. this my draft design for u, thanks u #67
  • This is my proposal as per your descriptions.
    Hope you like it. If you need any of modifications, just let me know.
    Thank You.
    Yudhy. #65
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  • avo
    How about this one? #38
  • avo
    Please check the concept that I proposed.
    What do you think?
    Let me know if there are any changes you want, I will fix them. #37
  • My design. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #1