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Project description

Creed Construction Inc. is company started operation 17 years ago in Kansas doing concrete work and branched out to include framing.  Emphasis is on concrete work, including foundations, flatwork, vertical concrete, stamped and decorative colored concrete, and on occasion polished concrete.  Eventually, years down the road, this company may evolve into a  general contractor. Old school values, integrity, honesty.

·         Main colors are Royal blue and shades of blue/ aqua would consider a shade of green.


Items My likes are

·         Working in an abstract logo, desire a very Masculine logo.

·         Using the “C” in Creed Construction

o   Blueprint paper background

o   Working in design tools such as compass, protractor, carpenter square

o   Like the idea of a letter C under construction

·         3-D lettering but not married to it.

·         Don’t care much for a house, bldg, or roof in the logo.

·         Don’t want a power trowel in logo

·         Like a clean sophisticated look, as opposed to a very busy logo

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