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This is a logo for my personal website and brand.  My website is www.augustleming.com.  Please take a look and get some ideas for a simple, but elegant logo to use on my cards, website, and stationary.  I am a motivational speaker, sports psychologist, and executive coach.  I specialize in leadership development and high performance clients.  I often refer to warriors in my writing and my work.  I am looking for a powerful but simple logo for the Dr. August Leming brand.  

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  • It's a crisp and minimal combination of the letter A and letter L. I hope you like it. #412
  • Hello Sir,

    please check my proposal #379. #379
  • I am making telescopes and prisikolog on the coat of arms logo #400
  • Hope You Like It!! Would Love to Hear Feedback!!
    Thanks :) #399
  • I hope you like my design.
    Waiting for your rated and feedback
    Regard #398
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  • Logo looks better in black #363
  • A is a bold step foot facing obstacles. L was wise leads upward and forward.
    I expect your feedback. Thank you #359
  • ... #354
  • please check and give me feedback, sir.

    thanks. #352
  • Hi Dr. Leming! please check my entry #351 and let me know about your feedback, I'm willing to do it more better if there is something you want to change...
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  • Please check. thanks #327
  • Plaese feedback. thanks #324
  • Dear CH,
    I hope you like my design.
    Thank you :) #321
  • @augustleming feedback please #316
  • Hello Dr.leming I hope u like my design.feedack #309
  • Hello, @augustleming
    Please check my designs and let me know if you need any changes or have some new ideas.

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    Thank you!