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Project description

DYNACO produces high speed roll-up doors for industrial and commercial applications. The brand stands for high end, expensive products, offering high quality and high tech solutions. It is the reference and market leader in the high speed door market.

In the initial logo, the frog was chosen as logo because the eye of the frog is protected by a membrane that reacts rapidly and protects the eye with a perfect seal. This characteristic is very similar to the Dynaco doors that offer a near-perfect seal around the full perimeter of the door, open and close very quickly and guarantee the safety of people and products by its flexible, lightweight curtain without rigid elements.

A few years ago, the company Dynaco was taken over by the Entrematic division of the Swedish group Assa Abloy. As a consequence, the Dynaco logo was endorsed by “Entrematic”.

Now however, it has been decided to return to the individual brand. In this view, we want to revise the complete corporate identity. If you are open to develop not only the logo, but the entire corporate identity, we are open to your proposal.

We want to keep the frog in the logo, but give it a more modern, clean,lean and fresh look, that reflects a modern company and products that are ready for the future. Also, we want to keep green as basic colour, the exact colour tone however can deviate from the current one. We are thinking in the direction of "MATERIAL DESIGN" for the new logo.

To get a better idea of who we are and what kind of products we produce, you can visit the website www.dynacodoor.com . Note however that this website is also rather outdated and will be revised as well.

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  • hi @sara_swennen,
    I've crafted this logo using minimal and modern ideas for simple and timeless approach. If you need any changes regarding colours, font or the design, please let me know. Thanks! #474
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  • Hi @sara_swennen , Every company and brand is unique, and your logo is too, the main concept is of Paper Frog, Let me know if you need any changes

    Why you choose this design?
    >> Icon is Modern and Attractive
    >> The icon is designed in a way to show Modern Technology look (frog doesn't have to do anything with technology so therefore changed it to a paper frog which now shows intellectual and Technical look)
    >> Hidden Concept behind logo
    >> Perfect Shapes
    >> Clean and Modern Look
    >> Will set you apart from your competitors
    >> Will Attract more consumers

    Best Regards
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