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What I Want: A logo to provide identity and brand recognition for my business, E.B. Ball Pythons. The kind of logo that makes you pause, but you can't quite find the words to explain why.

Logo Use: Website, social media, watermark on photos, business cards, invoices, printed marketing materials, apparel, etc.

Business Goal: To exceed my customer's expectations in every way and to produce and provide them with only the highest quality, absolutely stunning designer ball pythons they have ever seen; animals they can be proud to say came from E.B. Ball Pythons.

Who I Am: I am designer ball python breeder, specializing in the most amazing color and pattern mutations available: I work with and create living art. I have been keeping these wonderful animals for several years, but only last year began sharing my creations with my customers. I am excited every single time I open one of my animal's enclosures, whether I'm providing them with daily care, see them sitting on a pile of freshly laid eggs, or am getting ready to send one off to their new home. There is no better feeling than when one of my animals provides those same inspirational moments for one of my customers. I get just as excited when I dream about and make plans to move towards the incredible future that lies ahead for my business. There isn't one aspect of E.B. Ball Pythons that I'm not passionate about.

My Inspiration: While I draw inspiration from everywhere, I pull a tremendous amount of motivation from two fantastic breeders: J. Kobylka Reptiles and Markus Jayne Ball Pythons. Not only are their animals show-stopping and their service beyond reproach, their brand identity is 100% unmistakable. In addition to the links here, I have provided sample images of their logos below. While they are my inspiration, it is important to me that my own brand stands out in order to differentiate myself from the competition.

Current/Future Logo Thoughts: I do have a logo that I designed myself and have been using for the past year or so (found below). I do believe in a little bit of continuity, but there's certainly a reason I'm looking for your help! After all, a logo for a snake breeder should include a snake of some sort, right? While I am fond of the current logo (the script EB is my own handwriting and the BP is, well, for "ball pythons"), I don't believe it provides the instant brand recognition my business deserves - especially when the text below it is removed. The color used is royal blue (provided below), which is my fun play on ball pythons being called royal pythons in other parts of the world. Again though, I'm not tied to this logo or that particular color by any means - I just wanted to give you an idea of where I'm starting from. I'm here for an expert overhaul!

Thank you for your submissions! Your talent, creativity, and time are wholeheartedly appreciated. I look forward to working with you and building upon this relationship as my business grows to the next level.

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