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Project description

We are a tanning salon that incorporates spa services. We are a clean, relaxing and high end salon and spa. Looking for a logo for our business. Warm colors, luxury design

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  • Ready for your feedback #148
  • please figure out how to maybe put a sexy silhoute of a women somewhere in the logo. #33
  • We would like to eliminate the i in epic and put your logo over it. Would like to see a silhoute of a women somewhere in the logo. Please see our logo now. www.darquetandenver.com #37
  • clean the E in Epic up like the one in 120 and we would like a silhoute of women in the P in epic or the E in Epic So far we like this one the most!! #122
  • hello @darquetandenver please check this... #107
  • hello @darquetandenver please check this... #106
  • Hi there,

    This concept focuses on Icarus and how his love for the sun made him fly too close to it. I thought it was a different take especially for a tanning salon. And I used golds to represent both the Greek mythology and the rays of the sun. #54
  • Please check my design & feedback. thanks #50
  • feedback please #43
  • feedback please #39
  • feedback please #38
  • dear CH, I hope you like it #20

  • DOTDesign13
    how do you think about this one ?
    please check and ive me feedback.

    thanks. #19
  • hello @darquetandenver ,
    please check this.
    feel free to let me know if you need any changes. #12