Flip Flop Astronauts

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Project description

We are trop rock - reggae -rock band and need a logo!

Something beachy/spacey/cool!   See designs and pics below from our current name. We like those styles.  
Gotta have something with beach, flip flop, palm tree, etc

We are currently called the Flip Flop Boys, but want to change our name.  We are a little edgier than the name suggests, and we think this Flip Flop Astronauts reflects our current music and lineup.  Help us create a logo that makes us want to change our name!  

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  • Was there not one of these that had a guitar in it? I can't see it on here? #25
  • please check it. Thanks #62
  • dear Sir
    please check it. Thanks #61
  • Dear sir
    please check it. Thanks #60
  • About #24, @joelowder, nothing happended. they still in place.
  • what happended to other versions of these? with flip flops etc they dissappeared #24
  • Dear Sir
    please check this version. Thanks #55
  • Dear Sir
    please check this version. Thanks #54
  • Single color stripped down to the bare essentials, a flip-flop wearing astronaut...

    ....off in a blaze of glory, riding the reef cause all duck-diving failed. #49
  • I gave him a head change, also made his helmet less robotic, kept the antennae though. A single color and four color version shown, colors are easily changeable. I'm also considering a version with him, the rocket, and the text, without the background elements(stars, palms trees, halftoning), I think it will fel less cluttered like that. #48
  • whoa bringing out the big guns, I like it.

    The face of the dude is a little weird #43
  • Dear Sir
    please check this version. Thanks #47
  • About #34, @Solna but also putting an eye patch or something on the alien would be cool too
    • @joelowder No problem i can do both :) Thank you for your answer.

  • Retro sci-fi rocket-man-balladeer, all dressed up for the beach... #43
  • About #34, @Solna wanted to see if instead of an alien, you could put a pirate.
  • Took out some of the green & took out the black circle in the middle to "unclutter" the design a little! Just let me know.

    fcurtis #42
  • This is really cool! would love to see with some different colors.

    How hard would it be to make the alien a pirate? #35
  • I like where you've taken this. Might be a little too much green #38
  • Here are the changes that you asked for. Just let me know.

    fcurtis #38
  • cool design, coudl we make the flag a guitar?
    • @joelowder Thank you for feedback. I will do sir.

    • @joelowder. Pls check my design revision sir. And some parts of the design that I modified. Thank you. #32