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Project description

It will be a small white store where you can buy day fresh flowers. For a really good price with very elegant and classy packaging.


I added some colors which I like but feel free to play. 

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  • revised design with black background #117
  • Greetings,

    I've submitted a design for your company 'Fresh Flower Outlet'. The design is a minimal and easy to print as it is only made with two colors. The design illustrates an icon which shows you a a woman with a flower in her hair/head. The design is meant to give you the sense of beauty, nature, organic, creative, simple and professional looking design at the same time.

    Please do not forget to rate the logo. Also if any changes are required do not hesitate to ask me, and I'll send you the modifications as soon as possible. Comments and feedback are always appreciated.

    Thank you,

    KubrickuDesigns #116
  • other versions and different color alternatives #113
  • another versions, please check #107
  • another version, hope you like it #105
  • Hello, ch.
    Please give me your feedback for better design.

    Best Regards. #102
  • I hope you like it #72
  • I hope you like it #71
  • here is the design part 7 #54
  • Here is the design logo part 6 #53
  • really nice! But can we do something with color? or black? But conceptually spot on #28
  • love the flower, but can we fix readability? thx #30
  • - #44
  • color revision #43
  • i am ready to your feedback, thanks #42
  • Here is the logo design of "FRESH FLOWER OUTLET" #34
  • I appreciate your positive feedback. thanks. #23
  • please check and I appreciate your positive feedback. thanks. #22
  • please check..
    thank you in advance #21