Fritz Homes

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Project description

New construction company that is focused on homes. 

Fritz Homes, Fritz Builders, Fritz Construction

Not sure what to use yet, will need to see a design and decide what looks better.

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  • Could I see the F lifted slightly above the are in the same format you have it now #423
  • Can you add options to this one for Fritz Builders and Fritz construction #632
  • Dear CH,
    Please find attached the clean and modern logo design for your review. Logo formation is based on Initial + Home. kindly send your feedback for my submission.
    Thank you, #623
  • My proposal design 09 #575
  • My proposal design 08 #574
  • Hello Sir.
    Please check my design.
    If you like my design, please give me your feedback.
    Thank you,,, #543
  • feedback for your project. #542
  • Hi, sir
    how about my design ,. i am ready to improve the design if you choose my design. thank you very much for the opportunity
  • Logo that represent hand holding a house. I hope you'll like it. #531
  • design elegan #518
  • design elegan #517
  • Hi, Sir
    Please check my proposal
    thank you so much #515
  • Hi, Sir
    Please check my proposal
    thank you so much #514
  • Hope you like this. #509
  • Please check #508
  • Please check #507
  • please check #496
  • Please check this entry. #491
  • Please Check it .. #462