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Project description

Oversized cartoon"ish" goathead on animated human body in jeans and a t-shirt.  Mostly to be used on apparel.  Incorporate Greatest Of All Time if possible.

Qualities to capture:  Confidence, regal
Horns, goatee, and floppy ears are key features.

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  • This is abandoned contest designer vote win for prize. Please go https://www.designcontest.com/forum/designers-chat/78476-please-vote-abandoned-contest-goat.html and reply with entry you think should win the prize
  • @mlebtige
    ...smaller goatee...smaller nose #174
  • @mlebtige
    ...smaller nose #172
  • @mlebtige
    Hello Sir...it is 2 months the contest expired...can you tell me if you are interested in my designs...or not...thank you #165
  • Additional retouch :) #158
  • Retouched almost everywhere #156
  • Smaller nose, maybe better proportions #154
  • Better shoes, retouched nose #152
  • are you still looking for new design or is the one with 100 your winner?
  • G.O.A.T in your life #135
  • G.O.A.T in your life #134
  • GREAT OF ALL TIME in your life #133
  • GREAT OF ALL TIME in your life.... #132
  • Hi, Just wondering why the contest has been extended. I think I know why, but I am imagine part of the reason is regarding printing. Am I correct? You might want to consider making the contest blind (rather than getting derivatives from previous designers, designers will be forced to come-up with original work). As per printing limitations, you are still thinking this for apparel, right? Di-sub, screen, or thermal transfer?
  • Retouched again (pants, glasses, smile) #106
  • shorten the ears up on this guy if you can please. #99
  • please let me know what you think #92
  • easy to change clothes , please rate sir , thanks :) #91
  • hi sir , please check my first design , hope you like this sir , please rate and feedback. thanks :) #89
  • About #88, @BrightArtAct
    retouched (glasses,shadow,tie-centered,font size), if you have any suggestions please let me know, thank you.