Garden Stone Real Estate LLC

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Project description

Logo for real-estate brokerage. Want logo to convey: solidity, history, a sense of place, belonging, the ancestral home. Think of a stone wall or garden path, the old family estate house, ruins, moss covered rocks, etc. 

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  • Kindly check all my submission. If there are improvements you want, please let me know. Thank's

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  • logo design #58
  • please feedback
    thanks .. #44
  • Hello
    how about my designs ? #43
  • Hello!
    Please, give your feedback on my logo #39. It is minimalistic and classic, the letter O resembles a stone, and the lines refer to home, safety and stability. Thank you.
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    I have posted my fresh design option based on your project brief :)

    Please check and let me know your view so that I can improve my design and will present you the best design of your choice .

    I am waiting for your best rating and feedback .

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  • @scalfone, here some changes of #4, green logo with mossy look and texture. #34


    THANK'S #33
  • look my project i hope you like #26
  • my design #24
  • my design #23
  • PLEASE feed my design #16
  • The symbol consists of combining the two letters G and S, in shape of a pyramid also symbol of durability. Regards! #12
  • how about this #11
  • like this #10
  • How about a solid looking oak tree with a stone beneath it? #1
    • CKS

      About #1, @scalfone  Hello, thank you for your reply.I´ll work on it and back soon with a new proposal.
      Cheers. Erick

  • This is my fresh-old concept. Any recommendation is welcome! Regards! #8
  • make the stone mossy looking? add texture to stone? #4
  • a bit too corporate for residential RE #6
  • a bit too corporate for residential RE #7