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Glogreen is a developers dream. We house the best architects, engineers and all the materials needed to construct a beautiful Leed Platinum Certified building. Our company prides itself in simplicity, harmony and practicality. Our clean concept and innovative technology will improve the lives of many, having a ripple effect on the environment and our future. Some keywords that represent Glogreen are: human, humanity, harmony, simplicity, innovation, design,  real passive energy, shipping container, construction, contemporary,  peace and earth. We want the logo to be innovative and creative, yet serious; something clever. We are passionate about creating global economies that improve the lives of everyone and are driven to make that dream a reality. This logo is very important to us as it will represent and reflect our philosophy. Thank you and good luck!

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  • kindly check attached logo design. If you need any changes please let me know. I will provide unlimited changes. I am waiting for your reply. #1017
  • Update version #1009
  • Update version #1008
  • my original design #1006
  • Another version #1004
  • please check, thanks #988
  • please check, thanks #987
  • please check, thanks #986
  • A unique mark, the colors are of nature, but with a pun to make it memorable. #985
  • please check, thanks #983
  • please check, thanks #978
  • Please check #977
  • I wanted to create a word mark , like other legendary old designs of big brands . #975
  • The illustrator file was altered a little bit when i moved it into GDrive, but you can guess that the neckline was streamlined with the "l" in Glo and the "e" in Green #971
  • My newdesign. Feel free to contact me if there any change in my design. #970
  • My design is simple with G symbol of GLOREEN. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #969
  • Please check my design #944
  • Or this design, your suggest is very immportant, #925
  • How about this design, please #926
  • Hello, can you provid me a feedback please! #853