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Glogreen is a developers dream. We house the best architects, engineers and all the materials needed to construct a beautiful Leed Platinum Certified building. Our company prides itself in simplicity, harmony and practicality. Our clean concept and innovative technology will improve the lives of many, having a ripple effect on the environment and our future. Some keywords that represent Glogreen are: human, humanity, harmony, simplicity, innovation, design,  real passive energy, shipping container, construction, contemporary,  peace and earth. We want the logo to be innovative and creative, yet serious; something clever. We are passionate about creating global economies that improve the lives of everyone and are driven to make that dream a reality. This logo is very important to us as it will represent and reflect our philosophy. Thank you and good luck!

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  • My proposal design 11 #855
  • Hi submitting a design concept for your project. Feedback or suggestions very much appreciated, thanks. #830, #831 #830
  • i hope like this logo #835
  • A two-color logo study with a stylized "G" glyph and modified typeface. The colors compliment each other and the logo is flexible enough to be used over a dark background. If necessary, a single color version can be used (even in reverse white). #833
  • A two-color logo concept with a "G" glyph and modified typeface. This can be used in a single-color execution as well. #820
  • Hi,
    kindly check our entry and give your comments
    Best regards,
    Irfan Graphic #792
  • Hi,
    kindly check our entry and give your comments
    Best regards,
    Irfan Graphic #791
  • Please check this simple logo design. #769
  • Please check this entry. #767
  • please check and comment, thanks #762
  • look... its so cool, i hope you like it #757
  • Hope you like it sir #754
  • Please check my design,thank you.regards #745
  • Can you add the green color and change this font to the font from #543? #589
  • About #590, yes,when you want to see it? Now its to late for me
  • Can you do this the same way you did #589 , the metallic 3D look? #590
  • please check #739
  • I was ready to change, if you ask, thanks. #736
  • please check and feedback, thanks. #735
  • logo next, I hope you like it, thanks. #734