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We are in search of a logo that displays our name and incorporates marijuana, mobile delivery and San Francisco.  Not necessarily all three in the logo

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  • Here is my desing, this was made in hurry. I notice in last moment. If you like this i can change anything. (http://i.imgur.com/62wNkhY.jpg ) Better quality
    Best regards
  • If you want me to change anything, just let me know, any feedback would be welcome. #65
  • Simple and Attractive logo... #59
  • Simple and Attractive Logo... #58
  • MES
    @alfarof hello #46 #47 . what do you think?
  • MES
    @alfarof hello #41 #42 i combine the marijuana and san francisco bridge and also i incorporate the SF as a marijuana leaves. what do you think?
  • Here it is the way you asked. If you have a tagline or a quote you would like me to put on the bottom, just let me know.... #28
  • combination of san francisco icon and marijuana leaf #26
  • Interested in seeing the changes below
    1) can you remove SAN Francisco from the top
    2) can you remove the marijuana delivery on the bottom
    3) would like to incorporate the letters (SF)
    • @alfarof Sure :) gonna work on it :)

  • 1) can you eliminate the marijuana delivery at the bottom.
    2) can we see it in more of a forest green. #14
    • About #14, @alfarof has been revised, please check #20 #21 #24 #25

  • The license plate idea is cool.
    Can you remove marijuana delivery from the bottom and fill in the letters with the same green #12
  • About #17, @Artfield :Visible,artful design destined to attract attention especially when applied on cars
  • feedback please #13
  • Two different designs. I know you were looking for modern, the concept of the license plate was neat so i thought i would send it in. #12