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Project description

Company Name (updated)

Caffeine4Chaos Coffee Company

Company Summary

Caffeine4Chaos is an online coffee retailer that creates private label coffees (brands listed below) based on certain characteristics of its customer’s lifestyles.



While many coffee companies develop their products (brands) around the origin of the bean, the flavor profile of the coffee, the roasting style, or many other coffee specific characteristics, Caffeine4Chaos develops brands around the people drinking the coffee. We believe offering a high quality; great tasting product is a necessity. However, we want to showcase the people who drink our coffee. We want them to feel an emotional connection with our brand. We want them to know that we understand the chaos of every day life, who they are, their struggles, their motivations and the (small yet important) role coffee has in their lives. We want them to understand that we created this coffee specifically for them.


Target Audience

People who value coffee for its flavor, ritual and caffeine, but don't consider themselves coffee snobs. These are people who have younger kids and successful careers. They are always busy running errands, taking the kids to school or sports, working and trying to squeeze in social events.  They are loyal to the brands they use because they feel the brand represents their life in some way.


Visual Characteristics

Bright, vivid colors

Communicate the human focal element of the brand

Link human-ness to coffee (we are still a coffee company)

Informal, relaxed and artistic features

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