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Project description

We are looking to update our logos! We currently like our color scheme. Two issues we have: Some people think our logo says Pro Gun instead of Gun Pro. Also we have been told the gun silhouette in our G looks similar to a Glock 19. Please check out website. I will also attach variations of our current logo. Open to new ideas! Thank you for reviewing our contest!

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  • Just added a file to show what we are looking for in the design for the "G" - see brown image under What we like.
    • @andrew15; Sorry, Sir. Are you busy or there is no design that suits you. because there have been more than a month chosen as winners. thanks

    • @vyantoel sorry. the answer to your questions is Yes for both. We plan to extend the contest very soon

    • @andrew15 ukey sir thanks

  • Hi.. this is my entry.. please check and tell me something about this..
    #Thanks #199
  • please give some feedback on it #189
  • now it's looking like a gun pro #188
  • I made it more clear for your customers please give some feedback on it #187
  • if you need any changes please let me know #186
  • Hi @andrew15 , hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #184
  • Something Different #183
  • 100% real my design #177
  • @andrew15 Here's a new idea for your consideration. #173
  • I hope you like it #171
  • I hope you like it #170
  • Gpc #164
  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. Check a new font. Thanks. #139
  • Dear Andrew

    This is my revision #89 #135
  • Can you please brighten up the green? #84
  • the target in the "O" was a good idea #32
  • Can we see this in our current color scheme? #52
  • The "G" looks a little off to us. See #84. We like that cleaner sharper look. #81
  • the "G" looks a little odd. #92