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I would like a logo for my farm. We have two gorgeous stallions that we will be studing out next year. We give horseback riding lessons, and we have themed pony parties. 

If you want to see pictures of the horses that are at the farm feel free to visit

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  • i hope you like it #354
  • Design for you #353
  • About #329 #330 Please check and your feedback Sir. @guntherfamilyfarm Thank you.
  • can I see this one with the horse having a long flowing or curly mane?
  • please leave some feedback #304
  • simple in gorgeous #276
  • Could you make the neck of the pony seem shorter? it looks like its too long. #241
  • Hi there. Hope you like this concept design. Kindly provide any feedback. Thank you. #236
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I made a change, please take a look. If you need other changes, please let me know. Sincerely, Kristina. #223
  • can I see this with a unicorn horn on the little horse?
    • @guntherfamilyfarm please check # 220, I have added unicorns to little horse

  • is it like the Unicorn you want? #220
  • I swapped out the riding hat here for the Sego Lily : ) #219
  • Hi there, yes here it is. I did draw the little white pony with flowers in his/her hair but it was a bit much with all three. I toyed with the idea of putting just a couple of flowers in that little space. Just to give it a little bit of pony party softness : ) #218
  • could you try this one with more of a longer, flowy mane?
  • Can I see this one in black and white?
  • Can I see this one without the helmet. #215
  • hello,,,
    please check my design.
    if you like my design, please give me your feedback.
    thank you,,, #203
  • Here is the logo! #200
  • Revision using USA flag colors. #176
  • Clean and unique design. Please leave some feedback.
    thanks #172