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To whom it may concern,


                My name is Kayla Gunther and I am a part of the Capstone Christian Academy launch team. We are currently building and designing a brand new private school, building, and campus in Las Vegas. I am contacting you today because we need some help designing our logos. We have developed some logos in house however we are not very excited by them so we are asking for help in developing a logo that is extremely memorable and communicates excellence. The mission of our new school is to make this the #1 private school in the state of Nevada, which is why we need your help in creating an amazing logo. We would love to use this logo on our website, letterhead, uniforms (daily & athletic), etc. If having 2 or 3 variations (simple and detailed. Capstone vs. Mascot oriented) is more logical, we are 100% open to that idea. Our mascot will be the “Silver Knights” since Nevada is the Silver State! Having the logo that it oriented around a rock “Capstone” is also something we would love for you to consider as well. We are also thinking about our school colors. The options we have are silver, light blue, and maroon. If at all possible, we would love it if you could do the designs based off of these 2 color schemes; silver & light blue, and silver & maroon. 


Below I have attached a picture of what our school will look like as well as some of our favorite logo ideas and designs.


Our goal is to have this delivered by Friday. If this is something that be made possible please let us know. Let me know if you have any further questions as well!


We look forward to working with you. 

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  • If you have any questions or design changes, please let me know.

    fcurtis #33
  • Dear K Gunter

    This is my revision #12.

    Thanks. #21
  • This looks awesome!! Do you thing there is any way to split the top of the capstone so it looks kind of like brick? Just like the design posted by basso82? and then can we replace 'Christian Academy' with Silver Knights? #4
    • @kgunther I have made some changes. And I have uploaded some new designs. All the best!!

  • Hi. Thanks for your responses. Check changes of design. Thanks. #16
  • This is awesome! Do you think we could make the flag that says 'Capstone' into a capstone just like the bottom? and then replace the bottom capstone that says 'Christian Academy' and move that so it says that on the sides of the shield? #10
  • This looks Great!! Do you think you could replace the two crosses in the middle with a bible and a sword? and do you think there is any way that we could see one of those designs with the shield over the knight and one without the shield? #12
  • Hi again, I really like all of your designs! I just talked it over with my boss and he was wondering if we could get rid of the ribbon at the top that says 'Capstone' and replace it where it says 'Christian Academy' then, if we could take 'Christian Academy' and move it down into the space that is open maybe making it a little bigger so the words will fit. Also, could we replace the leaves with a bible and a sword?
  • Hope you will like my design! thank you! #9
  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. Check new design. Thanks. #5
  • This looks great! Do you think you would be able to incorporate the capstone (I added a new image to the brief; please follow that one)? as well as minimizing the size of the helmet and removing the wings that say 'Christian Academy'? If you could find another way to incorporate those into the name that would be great! :) #1