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My target audience is homeschooling parents and Entrepreneurial families who homeschool--they are a very committed group to their children, giving up one parent's income to invest in their child's moral, intellectual and social development.

I am an entrepreneur and former CEO of an Investment Banking firm who took my company from $10 million in gross profit to over $55 million in 3 years. I did this by hiring and developing winners and managing by values. I know how to find and develop "the right stuff." Through ImpactNation, I am teaching parents and entrepreneurs how to develop mastery of the 3 motivation factors and 3 capability factors that are "the right stuff." Community members who excel in their given fields will also contribute by helping children know what to do to prepare for successful careers. In a world full of corruption and broken relationships, ImpactNation is a place where a community of proactive parents, entrepreneurs, and their children Impact our world with good business on a foundation of good human interaction and relationships.

I'm extending the deadline. I've done this twice before successfully. So far there has only been one design that grabbed my attention. In the past there were usually several contenders, but nothing is grabbing me yet. If I get several contenders, then I open it for voting with my family and friends.

Here's some more in terms of what I am looking for: I want this logo to be exciting to people who want to join ImpactNation. Something that if it is on a T-Shirt makes people want to know more --because the t-shirt looks cool.

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  • Simple, clean and professional. #455
  • please kindly give feedback #450
  • a meteor concept for causing a big impact .. please kindly give feedback #449
  • please kindly give feedback #448
  • A MAN HOLDING ARM this is the concept of the design #446
  • one person can make a big impact concept also it's shaped like a house for homeschooling .. please kindly give feedback .. thank you #441

  • Please check #434

  • Please check #433
  • hy sir can you sent me feedback about my designs.thanks #379
  • how about this one?
    thank you #421
  • This my revision Sir...

    Best Regards #419
  • here it is your logo
    i hope you like it
    thank you #418
  • @nick11111 here you go.. i was used the green, yellow and blue colors in the Optimal Business Performance Model logo in the brief section #415
  • Good morning Sir...

    This my revision,if you still need some revision,please dont hestitate to contact me..

    Best Regards #367
    • @agustinawahyusetyaningrum82 I liked the original design better. But it has disappeared. It was #327 but I think you withdrew it. I liked the graphics better, just flip the silhouettes and change the green to blue.

    • @agustinawahyusetyaningrum82 Also, no stars please.

    • @agustinawahyusetyaningrum82 I also think I liked the orange and yellow in the original the way they were.

    • @agustinawahyusetyaningrum82 I just checked, it was #329, not #327

    • @agustinawahyusetyaningrum82 My mistake, it's still up at #329

  • Also, I just uploaded another of my logos that won here on Please use the green, yellow and blue colors in the Optimal Business Performance Model logo in the brief section! Thanks #277
    • @nick11111 sorry i'm too late to reply you instruction.. the contest was expired i can't re upload anymore.. can you extend the time??

    • @yogahadi86 I extended the contest. I would love to see you update

  • I have extended the contest to allow for some of you to respond to my earlier suggestions. We're getting close!
  • people coming together #398

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