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Project description

Launching our new Pest Control Company.  
I like the idea of having a Black Widow Spider with the Red Hour Glass, along with the lemniscate (infinity) symbol in a lighter color somehow surrounding the hour glass.
I am including sample colors, though I am not set on those.  

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  • spider on the left of word PEST SOLUTIONS. #113
  • spider is hanging down #112
  • @jason_woodbury
    finally i can create a new logo. I tried to make a simple, clean logo but easy to read and understand. here I make three models, you can see the difference each of them, especially on the layout of the spider image. I try to make the best I can and I am happy to have made it. although maybe they are not your choice. Enjoy #111
  • ^_^

    count me

    thank you #110
  • spider hanging down #80
    • @ArtRakane just keeping it if you want sometimes as designers have the same idea, I do not mind.

    • @MAXMANZ thank you so's very kind of you :D .. God bless you.. Wish you all the best of luck Regards :)

  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you.
  • Corrected the name
    Sorry about that #76
  • Please check this and any change or modify please let me know. thanks. #71
  • the hourglass should be on the spider
  • Sir, please check and give me your feedback. thanks. #69
  • Please check this and any change please let me know. thanks. #68
  • other concept of my design.. #66

  • I hope you like my designs for you
    #50 #51 #52
    and if you like to see any changes (colors, fonts, etc) or have some suggestions, please request.
    I will always be ready to do the best for you until you feel satisfied with my design.
    Have a great day
    Warm regards.
  • Please Check the change I've Made to the spider. #48
  • I also want to make a note for everyone....In Nature, the black widow spider typically hangs upside down. The Hourglass is on the Belly, not the back.
  • The like the idea, but it seems like the infinity sign is too much of a focus, and you cannot really see the black widow spider. #30
  • Probably the most realistic looking Black Widow we've seen!
    Can you make it larger and put the hourglass on it?
  • @jason_woodbury
    Hello Sir ,
    Please check entries #40 , #41 and #42
    Hope you like them , I've enjoyed working the design,
    I would be happy to know this
    Thank you
  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. Check change of design. Thanks. #36
  • Could you make a Large Infinite symbol as a Background? (Gray)