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Project description

This company specializes in providing inspiration at random.  Specifically it focusses on crowdsourcing reviews from your friends and family that are then received at random.  The delivery method is a fishbowl or other bowl with family and friends comments on cards in that bowl.

fishbowl and inspirational ideas are great.  Colors chosen are just a suggestion.

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  • And here's another option from me for "" logo, at here i use the bowl as a place of ideas and inspiration so i make it look like a chat box,then i use the talk emoticons on "E" letter which mean talkative,sharing,communicative it can be about ideas,inspiration and much more.

    Hopefully you like em,and just tell me if u need any revision sir.
    Have a Great Day :) #156
  • Hello sir,hope you have a good day :)

    Anyway this is my option of "" Logo Design.. its really inspiring by the way
    It was an honor if you want to take a look at it,hopefully you like em :)
    Let me know if u need any revision of my design.
  • Hello, ch.
    Please give me your feedback for better design.

    Best Regards. #145
  • Dear CH,
    Could you provide some feedback please?
    Logo formation is based on Negative space bowl + comments. Looking forward to your feedback for my submission.
    Thank you! #140
  • Dear CH,
    Please find attached the clean and modern logo design for your review. Logo formation is based on initial "i" + Negative space bowl. Kindly send your feedback for my submission.
    Thank you,
    Mithun #139
  • please check, thanks #136
  • I hope you like the logo what I made #128
  • simple #123
  • hi CH, I made a design with a concept like this, hopefully along with your company and brief #102
  • simple design i hope u like :) #100
  • I HOPE U LIKE #99
  • i hope u like my design #96
  • I hope U like sir with this logo #95
  • new inspirebowl #81
  • #80
  • Here a Inspiring design for InspireBowl (More Unique Concepts will be provided soon)
    Please Let me know if you need any changes #68
  • Options with or without rays coming out of bowl #63
  • the purpose of the logo, like the previous logo that I made, that is the logo symbolizes the aquarium and bowl, I only made the bowl as a support for the aquarium ... please check my design thanks #56
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  • #46