Integrated Extraction

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Project description

high quality, engineered control systems aimed at the medical marijuana industry. Needs to be professional yet eye-catching. Our design focus is based around simplicity, removing every unnecessary component. 

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  • Dear @sean_rhatigan ,
    Another option
    Thanks #304
  • Dear @sean_rhatigan ,
    Another option
    Thanks #303
  • Please check my entry #300
  • Please check my entry,thanks #294
  • proposal design-06 #281
  • proposal design-05 #280
  • Logo Design Integrated Extraction :) #277
  • Logo Design Integrated Extraction :) #273
  • could I please receive some feed back for mine. I am happy to make any changes.
  • Can you use a more traditional bold sans serif font? #43
    • @sean_rhatigan Thank you for your feedback and rating. I have entered some more options using the traditional bold sans serif and I have also done some variation on the pictorial image to accommodate the bolder font. I look forward to your feedback. #252, #253, #254, #255

  • Thanks for your feedback.
    This is my latest revision. If my designs still need change please give feedback.
    I will always be open to you

    Kisanak #256
  • new version -- bold font... #246
  • Pls check reworked design option 2 #245
  • Pls check reworked design option 1 #244
  • thank you your feedback,,,
    If there are any flaws in my logo
    Please feedback

    ramelan550 #239
  • Hope you like this with my design idea
    Would be great also if created with an animated display #238
  • If there is anything you would like to add or change please let me know. #188
    • @mrmot please use a more bold sans serif font. i really like the design of the logo. It is too hard to see though. Can you make the logo contrast the background?

  • Can you move "Extraction" underneath the black box?

    Can you use a more traditional bold sans serif font? #48
  • Can you make a version with a capital "E"? I like the "i" leaving through the top.

    Please try bolder typeface #181
  • Make it a capital I on the left side. #98