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Project description

Design a new logo for rebranding. The logo will be the main graphic identifier for the Jackson County Parks, located in Jackson Michigan. Our website and marketing are slated for a major overhaul.

Our philosophy is impacting community through commitment to health & wellness, conservation, and social equity.

We are looking for a logo that symbolizes our county parks and trails as a places people want to spend their time and resources with friends, family members, and their community.


Company information http://www.co.jackson.mi.us/parks/        Jackson County Parks is located in South Central Michigan. it is comprised of 17 parks, 12 which are on quality lakes. Jackson County Parks are known for the quality lake access they provide to residents including excellent boat launch ramps, fishing docks, canoe and kayak launches, and docking areas for water craft.   Jackson County is an attractive place to walking, biking, canoeing, and kayaking because of its outstanding trail connection to the Belle Regional Trail, the National Parks North Country Trail, and the Great Lakes "Lake to Lake" Trail as well as the Grand River Water Trail.   Jackson County Parks are known for their many regional and national events that take place in the park system attracting tourism and local residents. Even Organizers through the Midwest seek out Jackson County Parks as a place to host special events because of the positive, collaborative minded, user friendly, support of park staff and community leaders.   Jackson County residents live healthier lives because they have access to well-maintained county parks, trails, playgrounds, and open space where they can be more physically active. Also refer to: http://jacksoncountyparksassociation.com  

The text portion of the logo should read "Jackson County Parks"

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  • See previous design submission. #775
    • Alternative version at https://i.imgsafe.org/79fa631186.png (missed the cutoff)

  • Clean, modern, aesthetic, easy to print (5 colors + black), recognizable at a distance. The emblem depicts a field, trail, lake, sky, and sun. #774
  • new concept. #769
  • I have uploaded a revision of this design.
  • my second proposal design #757
  • green is the color of leaf or park or a hand, shows the blue color of water or a lake or a hand, the yellow color shows the sun or a head of people and you could see the people who are being held up both hands,thanks you #756
  • Same description as before. Can be modified as you desire. Thanks #747
  • Same description as before. Can be modified as you desire. Thanks #746
  • my proposal design_01 #718
  • my proposal design #717
  • Hope you like it !!
    Would Love to hear feedback!!
    Thanks #709
  • Same description as before. Can be modified in various ways if wished. Thanks! #697
  • logo idea #677
  • Same comment as prior. Thanks #676
  • Tried to conform to brief. Can be modified, color, type font, etc. Thanks #675
  • a robin bird coloring with color of lake and sand and up of it is a park,thanks you #674
  • Another version, I tried to change the colors brighter, I hope you like it, thanks #670
  • i am ready to your feedback, thanks #668
  • hii sir,, i hope you will like me design. #659
  • Please check. #646