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  • Hope you like it, please feel free to comment thanks #63
  • Hidden "L" betwen "JD" #63
  • Hi there @scogrady00 , I combine JDL and Skyscrapers for the logo, and I made a Custom Font for the JD Leonard because I want the JD Leonard font have the same feel with the Icon (JDL), please let me know if you need any changes to the design, thanks :) #159
  • Please check #63
  • jdl negative space #112. Thanks
  • Professional and minimalist logo for you. Please feedback, :) #63
  • Professional and minimalist logo for you. Please feedback, :) #63
  • Minimalist logo for you. Please feedback, :) #63
  • 2 #60
  • 1 #59
  • Wanted to give you a completely different look from everyone else. If you have any questions or design changes, please let me know.

    fcurtis #58
  • c #46
  • Other options. #36
  • Clean, minimalist and unique design. Please review and provide some feedback. Thanks #35
  • Please check it. #32
  • Other color. #26
  • Hello ch,

    Please review my first concept. Initial JDL found at the center of the skyscrapers. An abstract concept. Hope you like and provide some feedback. Thanks. #25
  • V2 #23
  • Hello CH, How about my concept?
    i'm waiting for your feedback.

    Best Regards #20