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Project description

I would like a logo that I could also turn into a neon sign for the inside of my salon. I need the design to be simple enough for neon glass to be bent into.

I want 'jennica' in:

  • Lowercase ledgable cursive
  • Single stroke
  • #ff2159

I would like the 'a' of jennica to be:
  • a profile of a face facing left
  • still legible as an 'a' (important, other wise it will look like 'jennic')
  • the tail of the 'a' to be long woman's hair
  • all single stroke
  • #e37cff (only for the hair, not the 'a' face profile)

Below 'jennica' I want:
  • capital letters
  • type font (not cursive)
  • single stroke
  • smaller than 'jennica'
  • #faf5ff

The problem I've had so far is that it looks like 'jennic' with a face next to it, and I would like for you to be able to read my name.

Happy to answer any other questions or concerns for further clarification. 

Thank you!


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  • My other design. Send me message if any revision. Thanks #45
  • hope you like it #40
  • Send me message if any revision in my designs. Thanks. #33
  • New submission based from your updated design brief. #18
  • This is my proposed logo design for "jennica does hair". my design is simple enough to be used as a neon sign for the inside of your salon.

    I read your design brief and I tried your idea of the woman's face in letter "a" but I find it difficult to read so I tried my own idea.

    Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Thanks! #12