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The logo needs to be a design that can be transferred to all areas of the cafe, cups, sleeves, shirts, signs etc.  I'd like it to have a stand alone symbol that can represent Jillie Beans Cafe.  We will be fun, relaxed atmosphere. Our mission is..... Jillie Beans Cafe is a full service coffee bar determined to becoming a daily necessity for local coffe addicts, a place to dream as you try to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable place to meet friends or read a book.  We will also caterer to the Mom running her kids to the orthodontist or dentist that has to wait while they get their teeth cleaned or braces tweaked. We are located between 2 dental practices. So we will be a kid friendly zone!

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  • I hope my ideas according to your tastes
    please see #380 ,thanks
  • Hi, hope you like it, if you have any request please feel free to ask. Good luck with your contest... But first Coffee! #376
  • I'm looking for your feedback. Thanks #355
  • I'm looking for your feedback. Thank you #337
  • Please check my design, thanks. #336
  • DS #331
  • hope it will be fine , thanks #330
  • hope it will be fine thanks #308
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  • Fresh, clean and professional design. Waiting for your feedback. Thanks #289
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  • hello .. how about my designs ? #280
  • Design Update. Jillie Beans Cafe #276
  • Hello Sir, please have a look at design #272 #273 #274.
    I would like to share something about design #273 , it has two cups together making the sign of infinity and also a heart symbol which together denotes
    an endless love for coffee. This logo to a greater extent sticks with the brief you provided.
    Design #272 and #274 have your company's Initials, this is the only thing special about them.
    Please provide your valuable feedback. Thank you
  • Hi !

    If you have any question tell me !

    Jillie Beans Cafe

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  • Hi !

    If you have any question tell me !

    Jillie Beans Cafe

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  • My second entry. Sorry I'm so late to join. I hope you like both my entries. Let me know if you'd like me to make any changes. I kept in mind that you are looking for a symbol that can stand on it's own to represent your cafe so i hope I met your needs. #246
  • A little late to the game but here you are. I hope that you like my entries, I posted two. I kept in mind your request for your own symbol that can stand on its own and represent your company. Let me know if you'd like any changes made. Thanks! #245
  • Hi @jrw207
    Please find attached entry #233, #234, feedback most welcome
  • Freindly Jillie Beans Cafe logo sample. #232