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Project description

We are a legal study association from the Netherlands. See our site www.jsvu.nl for our current logo. We want a fresh new design, with a modern style with some new elements. A more modern new color green as well. We have designed a new version (see: https://jsvu.genkgoweb.com/f/files/download/afbeeldingen/5dd1b822-b62d-4fcc-90c0-5b244577dd89.png) but we are not satisfied yet. We want one or more new elements in it. 

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  • Nice and professional #275
  • Nice and professional. #273
  • I hope you like it #263
  • I hope you like it #262
  • Dear
    here is my vision
    If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.
    We are looking forward to your suggestions!
    All the best.. #252
  • #225 #226 #227 #228, @f_vandewetering , Updated the coloring you your new logo and added Netherlands's map.
    I hope you will like it
    best regards
  • Dear JSVU team, could You please take a look at design Nr #222 Thank You!
  • Look my design #220
  • sir check my draft i hope you like it if you need any other change so please tell me that.#219
  • JSVU #212
  • JSVU #211
  • JSVU #209
  • JSVU #208
  • JSVU #207
  • Hi contest holder, how about my concept?
    please check my entry.
    thank you #205
  • Hi #203
  • I wanted to create severals elements, so we have :
    - A student hat
    - The balance of the law
    - A shield (current symbol of student association)

    If you like the concept, feel fry to comment to make some changes. #202
  • please check it and feedback #201
  • please check it and feedback #200
  • please check it and feedback #199