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KidsPointe is a children's ministry ages 6 weeks to 13 yrs old. We are a very modern church currently seeking a new logo for our children's ministry. Our reason for wanting to get a new logo is to attract the children and give them something to want to be a part of so we want our logo to scream kids!!! KidsPointe is one word. Our halls are decorated primary colors. We would love to have KP in a design and we love to somehow incorporate a cross without seeming to busy. 

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  • @ trishd

    Hello, there..

    Here are the new tweaks with variations of the design with respect to kids pointe..

    please let us know, what you're expecting for..
    hoping for the best..

    Thanks, Regards :) #752
  • About #700, @TP_Rentillo, Hi, thanks for your feedback. I made two revisions, Could you please see my entry #745 and #746. The other one is based on your comment with simple text and the other one is I added smiley in letter O which means the child is happy because he/she is a God's child. I hope you love this. Godbless on your ministry :)
  • i hope you like it #744
  • feedback please #736
  • can i see with primary colors #668
    • @trishd ok sir, please chek and coment my design #725, #726, #727

  • I hope you will like it and please tell me for any modifications #722
  • @trishd #721
  • @trishd

    Minimal logo for Kids pointe. #719
  • can i see with purple and blue #702
  • can you take out the point on the circle please #617
    • @trishd ok, please wait for a minute. Thank you.

  • can you please make the the I in kids an I #700
  • KidsPointe #709
  • Hello,
    This is the second variation of my design. The boy still represents the K and the girl represents the P. I think this better than using just the letter KP. Its playful and inviting to Children. The green ground also represents a playground and also the roof of the church.

    Let me know if you like the design and if you need any changes. All the colors are optional and can be anything you like. I can also change the font of kidpointe title to something else.

    Leo #704
  • I hope you like it sir #703
  • I hope you like it sir #702
  • Hi, My name is Leo. I have created an amazing logo for kidspointe. I have made the Letters KP using the kids. The blue boy is the K and the pink girl is the P. They are both happy in front of the cross. I wanted to symbolize happiness in Christ. Please let me know if you like the logo. I can change the colors to match the theme of your church. I used primary colors on the name Kidspointe. The 't' is also another cross. I hope to hear from you.
    Leo #701
  • hi, if you have still time, please see entry #700. Hope you like this. Godbless :)
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  • feedback please my designs #675
  • Please check this submission, thanks. #670