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Looking logo and business card design. For th e logo I’m looking for a edgy look that really stands out. “Entertainment” can be “Ent” or subtitle. “King” needs to standout with a crown on the “K”. Colors are black/gold but open to creative input.  Transparent background so I may easily transform it onto products and watermark. 

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  • hello, good afternoon this second logo I hope you like it. feedback you can ask me, I will be happy to answer your questions, thank you:-) #131
  • hello, good afternoon this logo that I made according to the brief I hope you like it. feedback you can ask me, I will be happy to answer your questions, thank you:-) #130
  • crown on k. K in the shape of a crowned king. #129
  • Hello
    please check my design.
    thank you #126
  • Desain Konsep Luxury King Logo #125
  • Konsep desain KING ENTERTAINMENT #124
  • please give me a feedback thank you #119
  • About #111, #112 @amcorefitness, submitted a couple of entries for your consideration, hope may like. Feedback/ suggestions are very much welcome and appreciated. Thanks !
  • Hello Contest Holder! Here's another logo design for your company. This one features the crown on the side of the "K" instead of on top. What do you think of this design? - Ben #109
  • Hello! Here I designed for you a bold, confident logo that I think would suit your company very well. I designed the "KING" font from scratch so it's guaranteed to be unique. Let me know what you think of this logo! Thanks - Ben #108
  • Any feedback for my design..?

    Thanks... #96
  • My other K for King #93
  • Hello Contest Holder! Here's my first design for this project. I chose a classy font to give a high-quality impression. I added a small crown icon on top of the stem of the "K" which could be used as a secondary logo on its own if you like. Let me know what you think of this design! I'd be happy to get feedback. Thanks - Ben #92
  • simple design #83
  • simple design #82
  • please check it and feedback #71
  • Hi,
    Allow me to take part in your contest.
    Even though I wasn't invited, I submitted a concept for your logo.
    I am very interested in giving concept ideas for this great contest.
    I always wait for suggestions and feedback,
    so that my design matches what you want.
    Best regards
    Emar P. #65
  • sir, check, please #63
  • sir, check, please #62
  • check, please #61