LA Bookkeeping

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Project description

We would like a logo designed for this CPA website matching these colors. 

UPDATE: Please use the colors provided in the screen shoot of the website below. I just to use a few examples on the color provided.

We would like to logo to include a mark or image and the name LA Bookkeeping.  We would like the mark or image to be separate from the word so it can be included with other websites


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  • feedback is always welcomed #42
  • feedback is welcomed #40
  • please check this. #37
  • Hallo CH,
    Please check and give me feedback. thank you :) #36
  • please check it. #35
  • Sir, please check it and provide feedback. thanks. #34
  • this one is better aligned #25
  • A more colourful version. The image represents LA skyline and a book (which also mimics Mt. San Antonio). One can infer LA bookkeeping from the image without even looking at the accompanying text. #15
  • The screenshot you sent had complete LosAngeles but in the description you only wrote LA so here it is. I can still change it to to LosAngeles if you want. Also if you don't need "& TAX" let me know it can be removed as well. Thanks #9
  • Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the branding of your business. Please feel comfortable to leave any suggestions! #6