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Project description

Ours is a small Italian restaurant that will be celebrating our 70th anniversary in 2017.  My parents, Jerry and Maria have been here since 1967 so 2017 is also 50 years for them.  while my main focus is to have a 70 year (1947-2017) celebration logo i'd like to see if we can also incorporate an acknowledgement of their accomplishment of fifty years (1967-2017).

we are a simple family place.  we serve traditional Italian food including pizza.  if you go to our website you can get a better feel for our place.    in the photo section you can also see our large neon sign in the front of the restaurant.  without having an official logo for La Manda's, I've used that script for our menus and business cards.  it's been a simple black script on white background...  

if i were to use a color in the logo i'd go with maroon.  that is the color of the front of the restaurant.

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    check it other concept
    i hope you like this very much and give me positive feedback
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  • hi Sir check this #99
  • please check my design, could this get into the design you want, thank you #95
  • please check my design, could this get into the design you want, thank you #93
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  • The difference is the positioning of the ICON below..

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  • although i appreciate the creativity of introducing the front of the restaurant, i think it's a little distracting
  • These logos do not represent our 70th anniversary #66
  • Hi. The LMR logo is too modern and doesn't reflect any of our signage. #75
  • i am ready to your feedback, thanks #73
  • i am ready to your feedback, thanks #72
  • Dear designers, please, keep attention at the requirements described in the brief. Contest holder is asking for the anniversary celebration logo. You can get the inspiration on the La Manda's website, specified in the brief. Good luck!
  • Hi @lamandas.. I design this as per your given input... Please review my design & give me the feedback
  • Hi. thanks for your submission. can we make the La Manda's font more script like the neon sign in front of our restaurant? also, what if we got rid of restaurant and moved the since 1947 to the bottom.
    • About #49, @lamandas please see my design especially on the font #59. thank you

  • About #57, @efraim270
    i hope you like it
  • Hello @lamandas! I have tried to incorporate all the necessary elements in the logo as per the brief. Looking forward for your feedback. Hope you like it :)

    -Kunvar #42
    • Hi. this is a positive step. can we swap the 70 years and the La Manda's. i don't know if we need the fancy feathering at the top and bottom so can we try with and without it. also, Jerry and Maria are celebrating 50 years of ownership, not marriage, so maybe can put 50 Years At The Helm or something like that.

    • @lamandas you may please check #52... I have presented 3 variations... please let me know which one suits you better,if you have some other changes in your mind feel free to ask... Thanks