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Design a logo for the Landry's Bicycle Triathlon Club, that coordinates with the Landry's Bicycle logo but emphasizes the triathlon club and establishes an identity for the club. Triathlon = swim, bike and run. See this link for the logos of other triathlon clubs:

I have attached the Landry's Bicycle logos in color and B&W, so that you know what to coordinate with (you can also go to and also a logo for the triathlon club that was created by someone with no design acumen (and which we will NOT use - which is why we're engaging DesignContest to come up with our new logo.)

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  • I like the concept of the three boxes, where the contents speak to "swim", "bike" and "run" - it needs to be in that order, but the way. But "Triathlon Club" would need to be more prominent, and it would be OK if "Landry's Bicycle" was less prominent. #8
    • @craigslater Thanks for the feedback I can revise what you want but I could not send my design a revised Regards

  • I like how bold you are, but it's too difficult to understand, the handlebars are more like a mountain bike and not a tri bike, and the cartoons are just a bit too "out there". Also, I would want "Landry's" and "Bicycles" to be less prominent, and "Triathlon Club" to be more prominent. #4
  • I'm not sure what this is... #8
  • Another option. Please send feedback. Thanks! #12
    • @KreativzStudio I like your design. Thank you. I think I'd like the words "Triathlon Club" bold, and perhaps the inclusion of a finisher's ribbon, or a checkered flag, giving the impression of winning. I like the other logo you did as well; however, the logo will need to go not only on a web site and some printed materials, but also, and importantly, on wearable merchandise such as a hat, or on the chest section of a t-shirt, sweat shirt or windbreaker. So the "round" logo seems much more possible for this purpose.

    • @craigslater Thanks for the feedback, Craig! I make the changes... How I send again?

  • My option. Please send feedback. Thanks! #11
  • Thank you. But there's nothing in the design that speaks to the Triathlon Club. This logo is for the Landry's Bicycle Triathlon Club. Triathlon = swim, bike, run.