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Looking for a cool logo to be used on our website and other promotions, but the most important, on vehicles somewhere like the windshield or back corner of a bedside where you would find the 4x4 sticker etc.  You can see what we do at  We specialize in lifting trucks and doing wheels and tires etc.  Feel free to ask questions.  The designer could also use the text "Custom Off-Road Trucks" somewhere below "Lasco Lifts" or a variation of text they think helps the brand and type of company.  These trucks are sold across the nation and you will for sure see you logo on the road across the country!  Thanks!!

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  • The other concern is it is too wide. It would need to be taller and not as wide so you can fit it on the truck in the same spot as a Ford FX4 Sticker. It is on the back bedside kind of inbetween the wheel well and tail lights. You can see one here
    • @a98cr125 hi sir. Thank you for the reply. ilove to do the revise. But your contest is already expire. I can make it taller and make different color as you like to match the other truck. And hoping not to copy my entry by other. Thank you sir

    • @ross - Please do not post external link for further design developments. Client can reopen and extend the contest or choose the winner then work on minor changes in 7 days finalization process. DC moderator

  • it how the design looks like on black truck tail. #108
  • hope you like it #107
  • Hope you will like this design :) Thanks #106
  • hello @a98cr125 ,
    please check this. #103
  • hello @a98cr125 ,
    please check this. #102
  • Even though this is simple the others just do not even really match the style of our business. The only thing that worries me with this design in the different color vehicles and how it will look on each. #68
  • how about it,thanks #87
  • simple "2L" ,
    hope you like this , please rate and feedback . thanks :) #66
  • Hello @a98cr125 ,
    please check this.
    feel free to let me know if you need any changes. #56
  • i hope you like with my revision design, thank you #34
  • Too formal for an off road truck company #28
    • About #28, @a98cr125 please check #31 #32 #33

  • These are Truck lifts so the chain link does not really apply. Thanks
  • feedback please... thanks! #30
  • This is one of the better so far, but why are the letters not all the same height? #29
  • How about with this design? #23
  • Hi

    This is my contribution. Thank you #20
  • Check my design please, thank you. #16
  • Hello Contest Holder, Can you please give me some feedback #11
  • Hello Contest Holder, Can you please give me some feedback #10