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im In the beauty industry. Specializing in eyelash extensions and permanent make up. Soon to be branding my own line. So I need this logo!!!!!! I’m

Open to slogans!!! I just couldn’t think of any 

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  • Normally I am not interested in working on logos like this (mostly because I come from a fine art/illustration background, not letter-type), but I was interested in your catchy name, and when I looked through other entries I was surprised that no one had played with eyelashes as a feature of there logo. I was especially surprised because the "Mi" perfectly lends itself to being used as abstracted eyelashes! So, I couldn't help but play around with this idea. First I played with both "Lash" and "Mi" forming a more literal representation of an eye. I sketched many variations of this, but it was difficult to get something that both referenced eye and eyelashes, but still looked pleasing as a logotype. So I decided that I needed to be more subtle about it, and I just worked with the "Mi" as eyelashes with the under-slash to reference the eyelid. I didn't really want the & Co. to reference the iris/pupil of the eye, but it seemed to look natural in this position anyway. I chose the oval outline over other shapes or lack of any shape because of the reference to the shape of an eye, but I wanted this to be only a very subtle (even subconscious) connection because an actual football/eye shape would start to be kind of distracting and tacky.
    It took some playing with, but I think I hit a pretty good balance where at first you only see the words and then later see the eyelashes, yet once you see it, they are unmistakably eyelashes--not just an unintentional consequence of the letters.
    However, I'm not quite happy with it yet. I'll need to make some refinements to the curves in the "M" and maybe play with some other fonts or try out some brush texture in the Mi. So, if you are at all interested developing this concept, please send a note, or give me a rating and I'll work on refining this design,


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  • This is Admin Sharie, Submit the real logo with no mockup so contestholder sees what the logo really looks like #264
  • this page may help you in your decision-making:
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