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Project description

Logo Required for Striking and Classy Italian fashion label

Men’s Clothing line designer/manufacturer on the verge of launching which requires a logo/branding - Classy, upmarket, luxury, stylish, Italian influence, striking, understated.  

What we need:

Simple logo which will appear physically on the clothing in a stylish/specialized font or a symbol.  Needs to be along the lines of Prada, Hermes, Tom Ford, Monclur - minimalist design, simplicity is key, black/white design with nice fonts, must be very slick, same level of prestige as Rolex,Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana etc… need to communicate the brand to audience via logo. 

Final word – this logo will appear on the clothing so it’s not like a logo you put on a business card, it needs to work and can be placed either on the chest, or back of neck, side of t-shirt or shirt etc, any ideas welcome, this can be totally unique to Lepel. Want to distinguish the brand from others so it can be instantly identified as “Lepel”. Same way as Ralph Lauren has the little horse on every item of clothing.

I need a talented designer to design a logo but at the same time give the company a brand! 

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