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We manufacture a range of slush puppie type concentrated syrups for the home. I'm looking for a new logo/Mascot for a particular group of products. The logo should include or be the word 'Lickleys' and be suitable for the concentrates as well as our home slush maker.

Mostly the syrups are used or drunk by children but also importantly they are purchased by parents & grandparents.
Most of our competitors also use a creature, slush puppy being the obvious example.

We would like a Mascot with the design, we would live to see something very similar to the art style shown in the video game "cuphead"
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  • About #67, @engengeng45 can you amend the L to not be so stiff looking? more of a curve on the tongue etc. thanks
    • @source4me Hi . I can do it .but now I'm in my work can you wait 15 hours

    • @source4me
      Hi . I can do it .but now I'm in my work can you wait 15 hours

    • @source4me i do your adjustment , how can i send it to you

    • @source4me you can see logo on my blog

    • @source4me

    • @source4me

    • @source4me

    • @source4me

    • @source4me

    • @source4me

    • @source4me i need feed back to improve the design

    • @source4me i need feed back to improve the design

    • @source4me

    • @source4me my email is please connect with me to improve the logo design

  • Hi, here is the typography on its own. I just saw your update about "cuphead" and really wish I had seen it earlier. I would love to take a crack at it but there's not enough time...unless you decide to extend the deadline. Cheers! #155
  • Made a few adjustments #144
    • @Creative1one @source4me did you have a chance to check my design? Tx.

  • I very much like the smile, however the font/design is more chocolate than concentrated syrup. Could you please elaborate on a few other options with the smile and tongue? #18
    • Hi @source4me , Thank you so much for your feedback and I really sorry for my late reply. I have read your feedback and I upload another design. Please check #92 Hope you will like it and feel free to give another feedback. Thank you

    • @source4me Hello again, I have upload another design. Hope you will like it too #135

  • Here is the character on its own #142
  • Made the typography stand out more... #140
  • Custom font and character with attitude...hope you like it! #139
  • Mascot Only #130
  • Simple & Nice Drop Water Icon #118
  • Hello, ch.
    i have modification my design, please check and i hope you give me feedback.


    Best regards.

    Dav #110
  • I already changed to be blue. Feel free if have suggestion again :)

    Best Regards,

    Agus #107
  • About #101, @AGUSROHIMAT . Ok I will revise now. Thanks for feedback
  • Handwritten typography. #103
  • About #101, @AGUSROHIMAT I love the mascot. Can we ask for a few other options please? Can we change the Green drips on the tongue to be blue and also try an option without the drips please?
  • I try to different concept with the other designer. #100
  • British colours with a polar bear character... #98
  • Lickley a logo that I created in a combination of fonts and tongues. #97
  • I created a polar bear character for your logo... #93
  • hope you like it #91
  • how about this one? #87