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Project description

I'm hoping to obtain a logo for my new online business that sells a product called Asea. However, the copy for the business/logo should be "LIFE WITH REDOX" Asea is an engineered biotect product that introduces specialized Redox molecules into one's system. The term "Redox" is a process in which one substance or molecule is reduced and another oxidized; oxidation and reduction considered together as complimentary processes.

Visual Diagram of what Asea is:

Again, the copy for the business/logo should be "LIFE WITH REDOX"

This logo will go on my website, business card, banners, etc.

Additional Ideas:
Color: Google "Asea" and note the soft gradation of blue/aqua hue.
- It might be cool to depict oxidization/reduction (electrons moving from on molecule to another) somehow in the logo. Just a thought.  =)
- It'd be awesome to connect the text Life with Redox and have them play off one another. Essentially the Redox process regenerates your cells so you'll have a more life with energy.
- Please don't make the text too linear.
- What i should feel when I look at the logo: Smooth, energetic, health, rejuvenation, clever, life.
- It'd be great to have the logo that is cleaver enough to tell the story of what redox does without having to explain it. I've attached some very clever logos that are super simple yet very effective. the Spartan Golf Club is my favorite.

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  • new logo for u i hope u like this.................... :) #261
  • hello @leedesignstudio,

    please check the design and provide feedback.
    thanks #257
  • First try, hope you like it! #252
  • Hello!

    This is my response to your brief.

    In the design, I used the mechanic wheels since the product Asea in a certain way, fixes the cells and they work together like a big gear.

    Hope you like it and rate it. I am open to changes of your taste.

    Compliments, Miguel

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  • chiko! I really the logo composition. Everything looks really clean and orderly, The font is slick and legible. Two things: 1.) I'm afraid that from far away (or when the logo is small) i lose the words "life with" With in my opinion is not as important as life. 2.) Thanks for creating the graphic on top of the text. I think it's a really great start. However, when i look at it initially, it reminds me of two things: almost a yin-yang sign and two semen heading towards one another. Is it possible to create a cool looking molecule graphic? Thanks so much Chiko! #93
    • About #93, @leedesignstudio
      thank you for your feedback
      please check new design


    • About #93, @leedesignstudio
      please check the letter "life with"
      I made more visible when it is small
      if I'm selected as a winner, the entire logo will be yours
      thank you


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  • Good day,

    Here i present my design for you.

    It uses the cartoon element which you posted in the brief as i wanted people to associate it with it. I watched comments and saw your comments on fonts. So I hope i choose it correctly. #207
  • Voo
    Please Check.
    Thanks. #201
  • logo design for life with redox please check it and provide feedback.thanks #197
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  • Hi there,
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