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Limboh takes a new approach to web hosting, where customers can name their own price and see "how low they can go," an homage to the Limbo Rock song. Possible inclusion of a female hula dancer? 

Limboh is a fun, but trustworthy brand, adding an element of winning to the buying experience, leaving customers feeling like they've gotten a great deal on web hosting. 

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  • Simple and Attractive Logo.... #40
  • Good Afternoon @acapps

    i've put in quite an array of elements that achieves the bulk of the requirements.
    Playfu l,element of winning ,the buying experience.
    A happy design overall that will grab attention and make them feel good.

    To the Colour Combinations that you provided used tactfully to achieve the best results.
    As obvious as the LImbo in the letters itself, an icon can be made using the IMBO part of LIMBOH.

    Hope this makes your day as it was a pleasure for me to make. #38