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Project description

Liquidprice is a dynamic (reactive) pricing engine.

It is a b2b product to be integrated on existing sales systems
e.g. e-commerce platforms and online ticketing.
It continuously changes prices based on demand and offer.
It is not just a font selection, however custom font variation with a meaning are welcome.

Although there are some nice ideas, unfortunately so far we didn't received the "ultimate" design: maybe trying with something a bit more "unconventional". 
The product is not an attorney firm (many logos seem to be close to this idea, at least on our eyes).

There will be an extension of the contest.
We removed any possible suggestion in styles and guidelines, but please read carefully:
  • Read the brief: if something is not clear, please ask.
  • Do not provide more than one proposal for one logo: in case we wish different inflections, we'll ask explicitly
  • Do not propose many minimal variations to a single idea: as above, in case the idea is good we'll ask to work on it
  • Comments are welcome, but only if they give added value to the logo (such as explanation or interpretation): "Please rate/comment" is not among them.
In case of doubts, again, ask.
If any of the above point is not met, we'll delete the submission.

Thank you!

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  • Tried to understand what you want. Is this direction good? Can be modified. Thanks #1016
  • Is this a joke???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • @waterdata 'potential NRG Design' ... #1013
  • @waterdata Hoi-hoi Helvetica ;). So now I think a lot of designers (including myself) are totally confused as to what type of design you are looking for. You mentioned in your brief "Read the brief if something is not clear, please ask" ... with that in mind 'Could you please elaborate on what exactly you are looking for in the logo? '. Are all the logos that were previously rated by you but were then eliminated tonight, were they in the right area? Do you want something completely different? Perhaps something loud, abstract, colourful, geometric, 'less is more'? I think we are all in the dark now as to what you require but anxious to still try and deliver. Well I hope everything is ok with you over there in CH, but please let use all know what's happening here. Thank you for your time Waterdata, appreciated.
  • Another revision since we are running out of time hope you like it...thanks #1006
  • About #1004, @50djchincy please note the boldness of the logo can be changed if you want as you requested these are only concepts
  • Hello sir sorry to upload two designs from the same concept but this logo looks very different with the full circle..Please note that the logo is aligned in a way that it shows like it started from the typo..if you like the concept i can always revise this thanks #1004
  • Hello..This logo shows a radar means your product will be on the look for the best price always..This is the concept as you said before if you like the idea and have any suggestions colors im willing to change this..thanks #1003
  • @waterdata Hi there, what happen? Why you eliminate all the entries? You know if you need to choose a design as the winner if you want to use it, right? Because you'll get the copyright and the source file if you do that, but if you use the design without choose the designer as the winner, you'll get a copyright issues. So, it means if you aren't choose a winner, you can't use any design in here. Hope you understand this because your contest already have 7days extended, and now you eliminate all of them. It's ok if you eliminate my design and not choose me as the winner, but a lot of designer already give their best, their time and their energy in here, so please to think about it, try to explain what you want for the logo, and not just eliminate them all without saying anything.

    Best regards,

  • price tag is in the font to make it more interesting, and the price tag of the above means is constantly changing prices based on supply and demand .... #982 #1000
  • Copying concept. (Using price tag) #995
  • Hope you like it #993
  • Hope you like it :) #992
  • logo idea #990
  • logo idea #987
  • logo idea #986
  • please correction and give feedback, thank you #983
  • how about this? #980
  • Hi CH, check this design liquid price.thanks #964
  • @waterdata / Design 'Positive Negative' LP. #959