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Project description

Looking for an anniversary logo. Fiercely local community bank is 100 years old in 2017. Recent re-brand with good elements in the icon. Tagline is solid. Established in 1917. "LSB" must stay as is in corner of icon. This must not be a complete makeover... work with what is there. scale, proportion, arrangements. It will only be used for the anniversary year and we will return to our logo. Thanks! 

Located in the suburbs of Chicago IL. Educated, family oriented and altruistic demographics. Mortgages are our market niche as we portfolio our loans. Consumer deposit products are supported with innovative technologies for today's modern world. Lisle is the Arboretum Village. 

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  • this is the 100 years for LSB version,please comment this is.thank's #65
  • It looks like an owl... Tagline is too small too. #61
  • Ideas on how to infer more fullness to the tree? with out clutter? Better define the negative space to look round like the original? Perimeter? #54
  • The tree is tough to work with... I really like the placement into both 0s #50
  • Can you drop more of a blue line between the 1 and the 0? Make the one more clear? Also... can you pull out some of the fussiness (leaves) and length of branches, so crowding when the image is smaller doesn't happen as much? #43
  • Okay. feedback is the 1 is somewhat lost in the 100. The leaves are like "feathers in a cap". (Not great) I've told them the problems we have with too much detail. Also, I think the bank name should stay in our font. Tagline can be what you chose. I know why you spread the LSB out, but is there a version that can look like our without the crowding issue I have? Thanks again! Pleasure working with you! #45
  • Thank you for listening to my description. Can you Think of something more to do with the LSB? Since the re-brand there has been struggles with the digital placement. It is tough to work with because of the long bank name and the small details in the icon. It becomes distorted or hard to read. I'm looking for cleaner and may be able to use it after the anniversary. Thanks for your time and work! #28
    • Thank you for your feedback and high appreciation. Perhaps simplifying the logo, keeping the overall concept. Please check #44 and #45 After celebrating the icon transferred to the right side and the logo can be used for general purposesAbout #28, @barb_richards

    • With the original fonts #49 and #50 About #28, @barb_richards

  • Very nice. Can you find better placement for the "Relationships For Generations"? #43
  • How about this #47
  • OK. #46
  • Use our LSB and our font for the Bank name. I like the box from the top of the L. I need 100 years in it. Tagline too. Thank you for your time and work. #5
  • Can I see this straight on? I like the 100 from your other design better. #23
  • 100 years? Tagline Please read the contests needs. #32
  • The tree placement is a bit odd. I like the boxed structure and how the 100 looks with the LSB in the bottom. also the 1917 to 2017 could be larger? #22
  • I like the house conversion maybe not the LSB. I need the 100 years in this. Otherwise it's strong. #17
  • I think the tree looks like a bush! lol! But like some of placement like the 100 #35
  • I already struggle with how difficult it is to see and read the LSB in the icon... I know the bank name is long and the tagline is difficult to read sometimes too. It really needs to be more clean somehow. Thanks for your time and work! #40
  • Dear Sir,
    Check Design #37
  • please checked,thanks. #27
  • please checked,thanks. #26