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Good day,

As you know corporate branding is an integral part of any successful business.  Startups, as we are depend solely at first on the outer appearance to the general public.  Coupled with the fact that new businesses rarely survive let alone flourish, the brand/identification of a product is IMPORTANT.

We are looking for creative ideas for a name and logo for our start up.  We are manufacturing a cream for newborns, baby's and infants for the purposes of treating extreme diaper rash.  Our product is geared towards the sever cases and so the image we want to put forth is serious yet not too stuffy and not overtly medicinal.  

We need a clean corporate presence and name.  Our presentation will be in a white plastic jar and the content will be no more than 2oz.

Looking for a royal blue, light browns, grey etc.  

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing creative/different and especially original ideas.

Thank you,


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  • It's a made up word. The "derm" is obviously referring to skin, and the "Suvi" is just something that sounded soothing to the ear...


    I put a tagline on it with all "S" words so that when you think SuviDerm you immediately think "Soothing, Strong, and Safe..."

    ...these are all things you want when you've got a kid screaming at 3 am with a bad diaper rash.

    The "SuviDerm" typeface is completely original, I've rounded off the majority of the corners which makes it feel softer. Everything is in two shade of blue except for the tagline. I've also added a drop of the cream for visual stimulus, plus it doubles as a tear for the eye shaped border, which represents the babies tears, which you know are there, or you wouldn't be in the drugstore searching for diaper rash cream.

    Soothing, Strong, Safe.

    I tried to keep this serious, you've got enough teddy bears, and baby butts already. #100