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Project description

Hi designers,

We require a logo for a new pharmaceutical/chemical brand that will be sold in retail stores.

- The brand's name is 'dymogel'.

- The dymogel brand should feel like it is the latest cutting-edge chemical technology on the market.

- The word must be either written in all capital letters 'DYMOGEL', or, with only the 'D' and 'G' written in capital letters 'DymoGel'.. it's your choice.

- You may use any colors you like except for Pink.

- We have attached a file containing some logos that we like, however you are welcome to submit any ideas you have.

- All designs must be original.

If you have any questions please ask. Thank you designers & good luck!

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  • Hi designers, we have extended the contest and updated the design brief. Thank you!
    • @Steska Technologies Contest can be extended !, please

  • Please take a look at my design.
    I created this with a DG picto in the logo so you can use it separatedly should you want to.
    the DG itself is a symbol of infinty, continuity, balance, and the mix of 2 elements.
    While the colors used symbolizes natural and environment friendly products.
    However, it can be suited to any of your color preferences should you have any.

    Thank you for your attention. #1430
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  • hello
    after I read your brief design, it is an interesting contest, and got me interested in your contest. I will submit some designs to you, please give some feedback for my concepts #1393
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