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MAGRR is a golden retriever rescue in the south and we are considering a full branding update. An updated look with a refreshed logo is our goal.  We want to keep it clean and simple but embody the love of golden retrievers and our tireless effort to save as many as we can and rehome them in the best of homes!   Need an updated logo design. 

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  • If you have any concern just feedback, thanks #216
  • hi there, sir kev,
    how are you? it's been a while :)
    by the way, here's my entry, it's a line art drawing, but it's a bit of rough, 'cause i don't have a drawing tablet. if i get lucky, then it can be cleaned. i hope you like it. please check.
    thank you & have a great day :) #211
  • Abstraction of a golden retriever rescue by using fonts from montserrat. A golden retriever rescue encircled love necklace. The circular love necklace is an illustration for his protection or the image of a dog to be saved. Simple and clean look will remain immutable.

    Fonts from free letters montserrat,
    modern character, simple, mature, easy readability.
    Can be downloaded at: #209
  • hello. how are you i hop your will .please find the attachment and please give your feedback
    thank you #208
  • I love animals and i think that they all need our help and i am proud of you people!
    it would be a honor for me if you chose my design ps <3 #203
  • Hope you like it! Thank you. #190 #191
  • MAGRR #189
  • check my second design...hope this helps... #188
  • This logo are consistency company objective . Here attach a rescue dog's face and solve this problem company name MAGRR. #182
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #155
  • More of the variations. If font or colors needed to be changed, let me know. Thank you! #138
  • Hello Sir,
    If you like my design, please give me your feedback.
    Thank You,,, #133
  • Simple , clear and loving!

    Any variations, do let me know. Thank you. #131
  • Hello, ch.
    Please give me your feedback for better design.

    Best Regards.
  • mdm
    sir....this is my design...any change please massage me.thank you. #126
  • mdm
    sir....this is my design...any change please massage me.thank you. #125
  • mdm
    sir....this is my design...any change please massage me.thank you. #124
  • golden circle logo #121
  • Check my other design.... #115
  • @kwright hug a golden retriever ... plz feedback #97