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Project description

Looking for a modern re-interpretation of ancient family coat-of arms. Symbols and colors should remain, however they should be redesigned to be more modern. Banner which reads "Mahoney" does not need to be a scroll; Would also like to replace the lion on the top-right with a harp or lute symbol (something musical but still related to ancient Ireland). This will leave the two lions on the top-left and bottom-right, which should show the alternate color schemes.

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  • Alternating red and white on harp #51
  • Changed the snakes and made minor adjustments to the lions. #50
  • My second design
    :) #47
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #41
  • simple design with modern style
    easy to remember people and have strong character #40
  • This is my proposed logo design for MAHONEY family coat-of arms. I made a a modern re-interpretation of your attached image, I retained the colors,as well as the 2 lions and replaced the lion on the top-right with a harp, I also replaced the snakes with clover leaves.
    Please let me know if my STYLE, TYPOGRAPHY and COLORS are on the right track, your feedback plays a big part in creating the best logo for you. Thanks! #39
  • Text is not incorporated into the design at all; it's just text floating in space. Also, I don't love this type-face. #11
    • @rMahoney Thanks for the analysis

  • Hope you like it! If you do not like some specific parts or colors, feel free to contact me and I will change it as you wish! #21
  • Hope you like it! If you do not like some specific parts or colors, feel free to contact me and I will change it as you wish! #20
  • Hi. Check new design. Thanks. #18
  • CKS
    About #13, @rMahoney, thank you for your review. I´ll work in anew variation, hope back to you soon!
  • Please try a split color background, white/red. #12
  • Border width a little too thick. #13
  • Not a fan of these lions. A little too detailed. Also maybe a bit too big for their panels. #13
  • Like the type face and the visual simplicity of the scroll. #13
  • I haven't liked any of the designs with an alternating red/white background for this panel, but this one works well. Nice work. #13
  • Good width on the Chevron. I'm not sure I want to change the snakes, but if I did, clover leaves would be a good option, thank you. #13
  • Appreciate the effort in trying a different symbol. Please make entire background in this panel red, and harp white. #11
  • Appreciate the different style snakes, however I don't like the way these look. Should not appear aggressive. Symbol represents medicine/medical science. #11
  • Lions are too complex. Should be symbols, not detailed. Also, please stick to the original color-scheme (no shadow). #11