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 will be Mickey Alan Kravitz. can someone come up with an idea. its for my hair product line. logo is printed in chrome (no shading) on black label. my old logo is second picture posted... I need my name to be the main logo, i am getting away from the MAK and just using my name.. I would like it to look a little custom  but not crazy 

  if you wanna see my product line its at makhair.com

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  • Hello!
    I hope you enjoy my proposal... if you want any changes please tell me! #515
  • Logo for hair product by MICKEY ALAN KRAVITZ #499
  • Hi Mickey, how about this one :) #498
  • Try to make MAK a little bigger strech out the letters and they can touch each other at bottom.. #476
    • @rmoayer hi, the MAK on the tail of the Z is my concept. if you take that without my authorization then it's not allowed, 'cause it's a copy. it's one of the rules here & should not be tolerated,. i hope you understand. thank you

  • Clean and sleek wordmark with an accents on initials and a little custom on A. This concept represents modern, fashion, trendy and stylist. #486
  • yes it looks good, but can you make the MAK just a little bigger ? just a little :) Thank you #477
  • yes just work on the font for MAK .. It needs to be a little wider letters or something so it matches better :) #476
  • juat work on the MAK a little more make the letters look better maybe a little fatter or wider something so they match the others :) #475
  • take more of the Z off and move over MAK to the left so the middle of the Z comes down to MAK and that will make the whole bottom part #473
  • About #473, @ardra ok getting closer but you still have a little of the bottom of the Z , take it of and move the MAK over to the left and then you can space it out a little... do you understand? i wish i could show you a picture or you could see the other submission
  • About #471, @ardra no the MAK is the only bottom part of the Z... MAK makes the bottom line... you just have it next to it... remove the bottom line of the Z and put MAK ant then put the Alan back in line had you had it
  • About #469, @ardra ok close... but still no.. make MAK the bottom line of the Z so its hooked to it... its not separated.... its the whole bottle line of the Z it makes the letter.. do you understand?
  • About #466, @ardra no not at all.. the MAK is the bottom line of the Z... not onder it.. its part of the Z .. MAK makes the bottom line of it
  • About #465, @friendnand no like # 457
  • About #464, @ardra can you see the other submissions? if so look at #462. he mad the bottom line of the Z MAK.. ITS PART OF THE LETTER z
  • I dont know if you can see the other submitions but i love the layout and font of # 457 but I really like the way you put MAK on the bottom of the Z. if you can see # 457 let me know
  • About #462, @friendnand i like the design but would like to see a differant font.
    • About #462, @rmoayer can you give me the specific name of the font or the like? you know, there's a lot. give me your choice & i'll work on it. thank you

  • hi, please check this concept, with MAK incorporated on Z. i hope you like it. thank you #463
  • About #452, @ardra i really like what you have done.. I have a question.. not sure I will add it but can we see what a small MAK would look some place on the logo? maybe put MAK as the bottom of the Z .. someone else submitted it like that but I like your font better
  • About #337, @uatdesign I like what you have going here. not sure i like the font on Alan. can you try something else. Thank you
    • Thanks for your feedback, I will replace it with a new font About #337, @rmoayer

    • check my revision About #406 #443, @uatdesign