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Project description

We are looking for a tasteful, feminine design which will look great on white backgrounds, website and packaging as well watermarks for video.

We are looking for nude or gold & black color schemes.

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  • how? #240
  • Dear,
    Please find my design, i hope you will like that.

    Looking forward for your valuable feedback.

    Thanks #231
  • how about my design ? #228
  • please cek my design,I hope you like this concept,thank #225
  • how about this?thanks #224
  • i hope you like this concept #222
  • Hi, thanks for the generous feedback, look this design #208
  • We are going to chose this icon can you add the font under it that was used in constestant #136

    Also please put on white background, and make versions all black, also all gold, and also both mixed ( gold icon, black letters, and also, black icon, gold letters)

    and we will 100% chose you and one of your designs!
  • how about this sir
    if any change please tell me.
    thankyou #201
  • how about this design? please correct it, thank you #199
  • how about this design, I hope you like it. thank you #197
  • do you like this design?feedback me please. #194
  • Please cek me designs? #193
  • Please cek me designs? #192
  • Revision design in swirl #189
  • Revision # 143 #182
  • great job, please make a version where the circle represent a "C" for curve also please make the font more legible. please put these on a white BG. #80
    • @Billionairesinc Thanks for the feedback, I will do your request

  • please try a different style heart shape

    Make the CURVE word larger

    also please place onto a white back ground and try a few different font styles.
  • please take this leaf looking icons and combine them to create something different that doesnt look floral. #143
  • please make stroke thinner #143