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Hi!  We've started something really special.  It's a mortgage company that is redesigned from the ground up to get rid of all the bullshit.  Instead of focusing on the products banks want to sell, we've created a process that focuses on the client experience.  Super high tech meets super hardcore process efficiency to keep cost low and borrowers pleased.  We're doing something big and we need a clean, friendly, Logo to tell our clients we're ready to lead them through a great experience and something that tells the old guard that their days are numbered.

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  • check, please my logo #123 thanks
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  • About #82, @Smallville i hope you like it
  • About #82, @Smallville i hope you like it
  • Hi, contest holder @ahebener !
    This is my idea on the logo. Please check it out.
    Would really appreciate if you can give me some feedback on it, too.
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  • Pls accepté My Logo design Modern #78
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