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Project description

Consignment Store for families to exchange kids clothing, shoes, toys, books, diapers and maternity clothing.

Think moms - kids - circular motion - playful. 

Color suggestions are listed below. Open to different designs.

Added the current generic logo.

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  • I glad you liked! I removed the mom and child as you suggested. Actually it brought more personality to the logo. I liked it. I made some really fine ajustments in the proportions this time to keep it as consistent as possible. I hope you enjoy! #87
  • another option for your consideration..

    operhal #83
  • About #77, @serafmax sure¡ , no problem.
  • This is very nice on the eyes. What about removing the mom and child? #51
  • Hi, looks good. Can we change the bottle to a heart? #77
  • Hello. Please check my design. Thank you. #76
  • i hope you like this design, rating or feedback please, #64
  • check my entry please #70
  • hello
    I have changed the colors #68
  • Hi sir Here is your required logo. #62
  • hello
    please send your feedback for improvement.
    thank you #59
  • hello
    please send your feedback for improvement.
    thank you #58
  • Hello CH,

    A brief about the design - the visual can be seen in dual light as both a mother picking up her child from the pram, willing to part with it and also as a mother placing her child in the pram. This way it would talk briefly about the two major user segments of your service.
    The wheels of the pram have been incorporated with the word 'go' to further highlight the motion of the sale and purchase cycle that you're trying to focus on through your service.
    A pattern, made up of the range of products that will be catered by the store, has been used as a background for the pram.
    With the color palette - I've attempted to make it playful and bright while keeping intact its sophistication and minimalism.

    Hope you like it. Looking forward to your feedback.

    Nitish #52
  • Thank you for your feedback. I made some adjustments to keep the symmetry. If there's anything else to change, your suggestions are welcome! #51
  • hope u like it... #46
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #44
  • Add phrase: Online Consignment for Growing Families #41
  • I like this. But maybe the clothes are too much. May remove them. #41
  • Hi, i've been working in this design. I hope you like it. If there's something to be changed, your ideias are welcome. #41
  • this one has a very subtle map in the background. : ) #40