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We are a pre-prohibition era saloon (1890-1920) in Portland, Oregon.

A  Bit of History:


At the turn of the 19th century, Portland’s North End district was known for its grit.  Grimy and salty in nature, the quarter was internationally famous for its population of loggers, fisherman, merchant sailors, gold miners, railroad workers and even the occasional “seamstress.”


Ever the trendsetter, Portland led the nation in prohibition, outlawing alcohol in 1914, five years before the rest of the country.  By 1916, Oregon was “bone dry,” thus giving way to speakeasies and blind pigs.


Welcome to North End Saloon.  Drink it while you can… before it dries up.




We are dedicated to fresh and local ingredients. Guests can enjoy a plowman’s lunch, a rotating fresh shellfish program and generous plates to share.  Our kitchen pays homage to the time and place of the past while enjoying the here and now. 




Core cocktails are true to the pre-prohibition era. Drinks with fresh produce and garnishes are subject to change throughout the year. Our bar staff is well educated and will graciously offer to share their knowledge and services.  


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  • I chose a minimalistic beaver to subtly symbolize Oregon (State Animal) and the history of the loggers, whom made up a huge portion of the population back at the turn of the 19th century. I added a grungy texture to it all to represent the gritty culture. And, obviously, the old time font to travel back into the past.

    Open for any edits, thank you!
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